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No Way Home: The Exploitation and Abuse of Children in Ukraines Orphanages

17.04.15 | http://www.driadvocacy.org/ | www.driadvocacy.org

At a time when Ukraine is fighting a war, undergoing political turmoil and experiencing economic hardship, it is essential to ensure protection of the basic human rights of the country’s most vulnerable populations, including children with and without disabilities who are living in its orphanages, psychiatric facilities, boarding schools, and medical and social care centers. Immediate action is needed to ensure the safety of institutionalized children in border areas where the breakdown of law and order leaves children vulnerable to neglect, exploitation and trafficking. In addition, throughout Ukraine, new economic hardships have placed increased pressures on families who may be forced to give up their

children to orphanages because they lack resources to keep their children at home. No less urgent, this report identifies abusive conditions, exploitation and trafficking taking place throughout Ukraine’s orphanages, psychiatric facilities, and other institutions where children are placed. In all these locations, children with disabilities are especially at-risk.

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