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Monitoring of unlawful violence in the police of Ukraine (20142017 yrs.)


The readers are offered the sixth instalment of the research on the spread of torture and ill treatment in the police of Ukraine, which highlights these latent and unpleasant things together with their causes. The paper contains the results of the monitoring started in 2004. A series of studies of the unlawful violence phenomenon throughout 13 years using similar methodology allows to analyse the processes taking place in the law enforcement system and the success of reforms. To this end, the research will be useful to law enforcement professionals, journalists, social activists, lawyers, representatives of international organisations, and to all those who are interested in human rights and reforms in Ukraine.


Estimated 96 thousand Ukrainians were victims of police torture in 2017

09.01.18 | khpg.org

Any improvement immediately after Euromaidan in the perceived prevalence of police torture and ill-treatment in Ukraine has ended. A survey just published found that the number of victims of unlawful police violence had risen by well over 200 thousand since 2015, with the number of alleged victims of torture rising from almost 63 thousand in 2015 to almost 96 thousand in 2017. The Kharkiv Institute for Social Research report that none of the promised reforms which could seriously improve the situation have been carried out.




In view of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, analysis of the security situation in local communities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions is indeed relevant. This paper brings to attention of its readers the results of the annual monitoring study covering such matters as trust in state institutions, assessment of their performance, constituents of sense of security and dynamics thereof, day-to-day problems of locals influencing that feeling, and the readiness of the population itself to stand out to secure order in their residential area.
The report may prove helpful for law enforcers, security forces, the military, social activists and everybody, who concerns about the peace saving in Ukraine.


Human rights defenders are anxious about low level of Roma rights protection from the police side


Media conference on Roma rights protection in Ukraine was conducted on November 1 at 2 p.m. at press – center «Kharkiv Today» (Myronosytska Str., 8) Unfortunately, problems such as discrimination, stereotyped attitudes and low level of Roma tolerance from the side of the population and on the part of the state agencies continue to be relevant in Ukraine. This is especially noticeable in the interaction with police agencies. At the end of last year, with the support of the European Roma Rights Center, Kharkiv Institute for Social Research conducted a study that was dedicated to this particular issue.


Social Protection in the Town of Chuhuiv: The Results of a Sociological Survey


Analysis of the existing social protection system on the community level is particularly important in the wake of decentralization effort and the reform of social services underway in Ukraine. This publication presents an overview of problems in regulatory framework, a review of statistical data as well as the findings of the sociological survey of the social services sector in the town of Chuhuiv, Kharkiv Region.
The report may prove helpful for social staff, sociologists, public activists and all other interested parties.



Is it relevant to study employment discrimination of seniors?

16.03.11 | Maria Kolokolova, Svetlana Scherban
The demographic situation in Ukraine has been remaining unsatisfactory for last two decades, and all predictions for future suggest that Ukrainian nation will be reduced and aged significantly to 2025. The aging population problem leads to another problem the pressure on the labor market. According to the sociologists estimations, today for 100 working there are 86.2 pensioners, and to 2025 these parts will be equal. Not only absences of effective demographic state policy prevents from solve of such difficult situation, but also there are unsettled problems on optimization of labor market, overcome of unemployment and age discrimination. Today, according to the official statistics, there is more then half a million of registered unemployed in Ukraine, a total number of unemployed amount to 1.8 million people, among which one-third are 45-59 years old people. Representatives of this age group have the biggest living and professional experience, but because of number of reasons they are outside of labor market.