Kharkiv Institute for Social Research (KhISR)

– non-profit and non-governmental organization, founded on March 10th, 1999. The Institute is independent from influence of any bodies and organizations, both public and private.

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Institute’s Goal

  • the development of an open civil society and democracy;
  • respect for human rights and freedoms;
  • raising legal awareness of the Ukrainian citizens;

KhISR today is

20років досвіду
більше55реалізованих проектів
більше40проведених досліджень
більше80організованих семінарів та тренінгів
12співробітників, в тому числі 2 доктори і 4 кандидати наук
більше30практикантів щороку
125інтерв’юерів у всіх областях України
50власних публікацій

KEY TOPICS of the Institute

Human rights in law-enforcement
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Needs assessment and security issues in communities
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Human rights violation prevention in custody settings
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Social care/services reform
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Counteraction to discrimination
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Donors of KhISR

Research activity

of KhISR is concentrated on sociological researches on important social issues.

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Methodical work

of the Institute concerns development of training manuals on the interaction between citizens and state authorities (police, social, medical, etc.).

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Information and training activities

are aimed at human rights in the custodial settings and applies to people under the custody of the state, and the staff of these places (boarding schools, jails, police stations, psychiatric hospitals, etc.).

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Expert activity

related to the implementation of projects aimed at democratization of police and increase the impact of public control over law-enforcement.

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Monitoring activity

aimed at implementing the requirements of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) in Ukraine.

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KhISR has 5 directions of activity


The Institute has an experience in project implementation in the cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations:


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