Monitoring activity is aimed at regular monitoring of those problem topics that are of key importance for our Organization.

Monitoring of the prevalence of torture and ill-treatment by police since 2004. Surveys conducted using a similar methodology allow us to analyze the processes taking place in the law enforcement system and the effectiveness of the reforms. We highlight the extent, causes and consequences of these phenomena in Ukraine. At the same time, an expert review is being conducted on the effectiveness of steps taken to commit and investigate torture and ill-treatment by the police. The monitoring results in specific recommendations to prevent unlawful violence through institutional changes in police activity.

Regular monitoring of observance of human rights in places of detention and implementation of the requirements of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture in Ukraine. KHISR stands at the beginning of the establishment of the National Preventive Mechanism in Ukraine. It was the specialists of the Institute who in 2005 introduced the practice of visiting territorial police departments and detention centers by so-called mobile groups. Since 2010, we have expanded our focus to include inpatient social care facilities – psychoneurological homes, orphanages, social and psychological rehabilitation centers, childcare centers, and more. By actively lobbying for independent visits to the country, we were able to amend the Law on the Ombudsman of Ukraine, adding to it the ability to visit different types of places of detention, involving the independent representatives of public. Having the experience of organizing and conducting such visits, we conducted our first monitor training, created checklists for visits to various closed institutions, conducted a complete inventory of places of detention, and continued to provide methodological support to the system of independent visits in Ukraine.



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