06.06.16 | KhISR

This study is an independent assessment of the current policing situation in Kharkiv and Kharkiv Region and confidence in the police conducted by Kharkiv Institute for Social Researches supported by Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. Two years back, in 2014, one of the first steps implemented as a part of pilot interior reform effort was a social research to probe into the work of the police, the areas for its improvement and crime situation in Lviv Region. The results of the survey highlighted the challenges facing the bodies of the interior ministry allowing the decision-makers to rely on the opinion of ordinary citizens, the ultimate customers of the service provided by the law enforcers. In a year, after a number of steps had been taken to implement the reform, we resurveyed Lviv Region to study the dynamics of trust in the police and the feeling of security of people living in this region. Kharkiv Region was the second region surveyed. Such surveys should ultimately become not only an important source of information, but also a part of the system of ongoing evaluation to assist planning of further activities. Having this in mind, we will continue our research effort to study the effectiveness of policing in other regions.
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