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08.02.11 | Denys Kobzin

For the research weve selected 5 regions, which are structurally represented different parts of Ukraine: Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Kiev and Crimea. In each region in the course of mass survey were conducted 600 face-to-face interviews in randomized sample. Thus, in Donetsk Region the survey was conducted in Regional centre, 5 other Regional Cities, one settlement and three villages; in Kiev Region in Kiev, four cities of the Region, one settlement and 4 villages; in Lviv in Regional Centre, three Regional Cities, one settlement and 11 villages; in Odessa in the Regional Centre, three Regional Cities, one settlement and 9 villages; in Kharkiv in the Regional Center, three Regional cities, one settlement and six villages.

Viewing purposes and goals, characteristics of the research object, in the given sociological survey was used two-level sampling with use of systematic sampling on the first stage and randomized sampling on the second stage. On the first step of sampling from general population, represented by lists of addresses of households by using the systematic selection were selected 180 starting points of respondents. These starting points were the beginning for the respondent chain consisting of 5 addresses. On the second step of the sampling (selecting respondents in households) was used procedure of randomized sampling the nearest birthday in the household. Parameters of the sample as a whole reflect the model of general population and meet requirements of representativeness. Sampling error is not exceeding 0,5%. This gives us an opportunity to spread all conclusions of the research to the whole general population with an error of 0,5%. All research data were mathematically processed with use of statistic package of SPSS (ver.13.0). More details here.