Assessment of the institutional capacity of the department of patrol police of Ukraine in Donetsk oblast

This report contains the results of the assessment of the institutional capacity of the Department of Patrol Police in Donetsk Oblast, including the studies of work activity management, human resources, interaction with the community, logistic and main tenance support, and other factors. It also includes some conclusions and recom
mendations for improving the work of patrol police in the oblast.
With the purpose of implementation of this assessment, a special original toolkit has been developed, the questions of which were based on the provisions of the UNDP Capacity Assessment Methodology and the Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit created by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, taking into account some lo
cal peculiarities of the legislation and the system of management of governmental authorities.
The information was obtained from responses to the inquiries and collected during
the interviews of key personnel of the patrol police in Donetsk Oblast. In total, 25 in-depth interviews were completed over the period from October 2019 to February 2020.
This report may be useful for law enforcement officers, representatives of local authorities, international and national NGOs, as well as for anyone interested in the social security and the participation of population in law enforcement in Ukraine.


Full report 

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