The second month of the war has passed. The number of the perished children increased to 213, of the wounded ones – to 389. Terrible events in Bucha, Gostomel and other towns in Kyiv region and in Mariupol give the understanding that the number of injured and dead children is much higher. The constant shelling… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine 24.02-24.03.2022

Ukraine has been at war for a month already. Millions of people have become internally displaced persons and refugees in other countries, many of them are children. Even more children are suffering from occupation and active combat in many regions in eastern, southern and northern Ukraine. The extreme cruelty of the invaders, the constant attacks… Читати далі

Problems of discrimination and violence by law enforcement bodies against LGBT people

Kharkiv Institute for Social Research Supported by Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group The report contains the results of a qualitative research of discrimination and violence against LGBT people by law enforcement bodies. It examines the typical contacts of the community with the police and penitentiary institutions, identifies the key causes of discrimination and describes possible… Читати далі

KHISR Annual Report 2020

2020 was a year that added new challenges to those already being faced by Ukrainian society. Before the protracted conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea, difficult reforms, a high level of uncertainty, we all got the COVID.19 epidemic with all its consequences. This has by no means not simplified the lives of Ukrainians, especially… Читати далі

Ukraine at 30. From independence to interdependence: what unites Ukrainians and what divides Ukrainians after 30 years of independence

The 30th anniversary of Ukraine independence represents a unique opportunity to reboot the discourse about what Ukraine is and where the country is heading. This study reflects the aspiration to replace externally imposed nation-building narratives with a new vision for Ukraine, as seen through the eyes of Ukrainians in all their diversity of background and… Читати далі


Negative attitude towards vaccination is more or less common in every country in the world. This is facilitated by religious considerations, cases of deteriorating health after vaccination, and deliberate falsification of vaccine data, as well as belief in conspiracy theories, when a drug administered as a preventive measure against the disease is suspected of something… Читати далі

Rape case exposing systemic police brutality goes to trial  Six months ago, Nelya Pogrebytska, a 26-year-old woman from a small village in Kyiv Oblast, was raped and tortured at a police station in Kaharlyk, a town of over 13,000 people located 80 kilometers south of Kyiv. The brutal crime shocked not only the town, but the entire nation and provoked an outburst of… Читати далі

National monitoring of unlawful violence in police in 2020

The report contains the results of the research of the spread of torture and ill-treatment in police which covers the scale, causes and consequences of these phenomena in Ukraine. The topic of gender-based violence and discrimination against women is examined separately. The work provides the results of the 2020 survey of the population of Ukraine,… Читати далі

Assessment of the institutional capacity of the department of patrol police of Ukraine in Donetsk oblast

This report contains the results of the assessment of the institutional capacity of the Department of Patrol Police in Donetsk Oblast, including the studies of work activity management, human resources, interaction with the community, logistic and main tenance support, and other factors. It also includes some conclusions and recom mendations for improving the work of… Читати далі



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