Report for humanitarian aid provided within the framework of the project from the Government of Australia

Communal institution “Khoroshevsky geriatric boarding house” – 269 clients, 130 are disabled, 170 are bedridden. All clients live in the institution on a permanent basis and receive inpatient care services. As part of the Project, the institution received 11 names (23 units) of technical means of rehabilitation and care: functional beds, orthopedic mattresses, mattresses with… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine: 24.06–24.07.2022

150 days of war, which are in fact 150 days of crimes against humanity and murders of peaceful citizens of Ukraine. Shelling of residential areas, terrorist attacks on places of concentration of the civilian population, killing and maiming of children, destruction of schools and hospitals, deportation and kidnapping of citizens, continuing humanitarian crisis in the… Читати далі



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