Annual report KHISR 2022

The year 2022 has become extremely difficult for everyone. A full-scale war forced millions of Ukrainians to change their lives, fight every day for survival and help the army resist the Russian invaders. Some members of our organization joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, some moved to safer regions and helped from there, some stayed… Читати далі

The Analysis of the System of Justice for Minors in Conflict with the Law in Ukraine Practical Aspects

This publication results from the research conducted in June-October 2021 by Kharkiv Institute for Social Research as part of the Council of Europe Project “Combating violence against children in Ukraine, Phase II”. The report provides information on how the rights of children in conflict with the law are observed, on whether prevention programmes are available… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine 24.11.-24.12.2022

The cold season slowed down the liberation of Ukrainian territories. At the same time, it brought a load on the heating and energy systems in the conditions of constant shelling of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. The population is forced to adapt to long-hour shutdowns of light, water and heating, which is extremely difficult for families with… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine 24.10.-24.11.2022

The ninth month of the war was marked by the liberation of a large number of settlements in the Kherson region — the city of Kherson in particular. The de-occupied territories need a lot of attention for now – the restoration of communal services, the delivery of humanitarian aid, the organization of medical and social… Читати далі

UKRAINE’S POSTWAR FUTURE: report according to the surevey results

The given report is highlighting results of the research devoted to postwar rennovation and rebuilding of Ukraine. The report also considers many aspects of the transitional justice, peacebuilding process and reintegration of de-occupied territories. The research and publication were made possible due to  financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic. Download… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine 24.09.-24.10.2022

243 days of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The inability of the Russian troops to fight and hold the temporarily occupied territories leads to even greater terror of the civilian population. The enemy is destroying our civilian and critical infrastructure. Attacks by Russian cruise missiles and Iranian strike drones have already destroyed 40% of the country’s… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine 24.07.-24.08.2022

Half a year of war showed that Russia committed all possible war crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Most of the shelling and bombing falls on residential buildings, hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure. Terrorist attacks take place in places with the largest concentration of people – shopping centers, transport stops, high-rise buildings. Communal services… Читати далі

Report for humanitarian aid provided within the framework of the project from the Government of Australia

Communal institution “Khoroshevsky geriatric boarding house” – 269 clients, 130 are disabled, 170 are bedridden. All clients live in the institution on a permanent basis and receive inpatient care services. As part of the Project, the institution received 11 names (23 units) of technical means of rehabilitation and care: functional beds, orthopedic mattresses, mattresses with… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine: 24.06–24.07.2022

150 days of war, which are in fact 150 days of crimes against humanity and murders of peaceful citizens of Ukraine. Shelling of residential areas, terrorist attacks on places of concentration of the civilian population, killing and maiming of children, destruction of schools and hospitals, deportation and kidnapping of citizens, continuing humanitarian crisis in the… Читати далі

Children and the war in Ukraine: 24.05–24.06.2022

On June 1, the world celebrates International Children’s Day. But this year, Ukraine celebrated that day with sadness. Because every day two or three children die in our country, five are injured. All together, these numbers are even scarier: 338 dead children and 610 wounded for four months. The occupation of the East and South… Читати далі



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