Assessment of the institutional capacity of the main directorate of the state emergency service In Luhansk oblast

This report contains the results of the assessment of the institutional capacity of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in Luhansk Oblast, including stud ies of work activity management, human resources, interaction with the communi ty, logistics and maintenance support and other factors. It also includes some con clusions and recommendations for improving… Читати далі


Considering the history of recent years, it is the community safety in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions that is of greatest concern. How many people in the region feel safe depends on everything from rebuilding infrastructure to creating services. That is why the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine (UNDP) provides considerable support to the… Читати далі

Social Protection in the Town of Chuhuiv: The Results of a Sociological Surve

Analysis of the existing social protection system on the community level is particularly important in the wake of decentralization effort and the reform of social services underway in Ukraine. This publication presents an overview of problems in regulatory framework, a review of statistical data as well as the findings of the sociological survey of the… Читати далі

Justice Needs in Ukraine 2016

This report highlights the main findings from the 2015 Ukrainian Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey, which has been compiled with input from more than 6,500 respondents from 24 regions of the country. Despite the military activities in the East of Ukraine the sample included respondents from Lugansk and Donetsk regions. The main objective of this… Читати далі

Level of legal capacity of The Ukrainian population: Accessibility and effectiveness Of legal services

The modern development of the Ukrainian legal system is characterized by low levels of accessibility to legal services by the population, and an inability to accommodate ordinary citizens engaged in everyday life. The research conducted by Kharkov Institute of Social Research provides insightful and revelatory details about the extent of the use of shadow schemes… Читати далі



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